Photography with Mike Finding

Well, I love photography and as such I’m keen to help anyone who might be interested in exploring photography for themselves. I would like to be able to help them find the fun and satisfaction of making their own pictures using whatever digital camera they have available.

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Photography with Mike Finding

Photography with Mike Finding…….Who?

Don’t get me wrong here – I’m not a professional photographer – just a very keen amateur with a certain amount of success in some areas of photography.

My whole aim, with anything to do with photography, is to encourage folks, young and older, who may already use their mobile or some form of digital camera – just explore further – it’s a fascinating world! I would also like to hope that the mobile phone and portable tablet computer systems are not likely to bring about a “death of photography” with less use of the real camera format…But THAT is a whole other topic that we can cover in a blog article later, I think.

My History with Photography

A whole lot of years ago I started using a camera. Back then it was using film and dark room with the chemical processing along with all the interesting developing techniques with hours spent in a darkroom! Once digital came about the darkroom moved to the computer….

There was a time when I would not even touch a computer! The devil’s toys indeed!! Once our youngsters started to want to use them for school I started to look. Having been into photography for 40+ years (at time of writing, 2011!) that was where I started!! I went to the local college and did a Photoshop course. That did it!! I started to use the computer for photography as well! It just seemed the right thing to do! It’s also a whole lot quicker than using the film and chemical route as I used to do!

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Photography with Mike Finding